About the Curriculum

Puberty the Wonder Years Digital Curriculum for Teachers grades 4-5-6

Puberty: The Wonder Years Is for You!

Teachers! The newly revised 2021 edition of Puberty: The Wonder Years™ is the most current puberty education curriculum you will find. It addresses vital topics that have been requested by educators and parents. The digital format makes it easy to teach virtually or in-person. The teacher-friendly lessons provide clear instructions and a script to follow until you are comfortable using your own words. You also receive many Online Teacher Resources to implement the lessons, including expanded slides and teacher references, plus student worksheets and family resources in English and Spanish.

Students! Puberty: The Wonder Years™ is puberty education specifically for students in grades 4, 5, and/or 6. Fun and interactive lessons teach students the knowledge and skills needed to lay a foundation for developing into sexually healthy adults.

Parents! Puberty: The Wonder Years™ gives you the tools to engage with your child in ongoing discussions about puberty and family values. Family resources come in English and Spanish.

Want Details?

Learn more about Puberty: The Wonder Years™ 2021 edition:

Subscription to Puberty: The Wonder Years includes:

  • Digital curriculum guide with lessons
  • Digital Online Teacher Resources
  • Social media toolkit
  • Parent presentation slides
  • Teacher survey
  • Implementation fidelity logs

Select one-year, three-year, or five-year subscriptions. Select one grade, two grades, or three grades.

Curriculum Adoption Tools

Each school district’s curriculum council or sex education advisory committee will determine which lessons should be taught at each grade. Because each community is unique, local districts may choose to adapt the curriculum. They may decide to teach one, two, or all three years of the curriculum. Or they may choose to teach the curriculum at a different grade level than the one designated by the curriculum guide.

These tools and resources will support you as you adopt the curriculum:

Companion Materials for Puberty: The Wonder Years™

We offer these optional companion materials to support educators and enhance student learning:

  • Add-On lessons
  • Pre- and Post-Tests for grades 4, 5, and 6
  • Online Teacher Training for educators
  • “Preparing Parents for Puberty” online parent course

Videos and Other Supplemental Materials

Videos are not included with your Puberty: The Wonder Years subscription. Whenever possible, free streaming videos have been selected to enhance the lessons. However, some schools might prefer to purchase the rights to stream a commercially produced video to meet the lesson objectives. The following two documents assist educators in selecting the videos that are needed to implement those lessons:

Professional Development Options

Two options are available for training on Puberty: The Wonder Years™:

  1. Online Training Course
  2. Face-to-face workshop (paused during pandemic)