About the Puberty Curriculum

Puberty the Wonder Years Digital Curriculum for Teachers grades 4-5-6

Puberty: The Wonder Years Is for You!

Teachers and administrators!

Do you want easy-to-use puberty curriculum, resources, and online training to teach puberty education? Would you like an up-to-date, digital curriculum?

To new and experienced teachers who teach puberty education in school in grades 4 to 6, Puberty: The Wonder Years is the new, digital curriculum that provides teacher-friendly lesson plans, scripts, training, and resources that make it easy to teach students and build support from their parents and caregivers. With Puberty: The Wonder Years, you will feel good about using a turnkey puberty curriculum that meets student needs and reduces your prep time.

To school administrators who are responsible for supervising puberty education in their schools, Puberty: The Wonder Years is the new, current, teacher-friendly curriculum for grades 4-6 that helps teach students healthy relationship skills, increasing the connections with peers and adults that keep students in school. With Puberty: The Wonder Years, you can be sure that puberty education is taught consistently across the school system and family engagement strategies are implemented to protect students, strengthen the school-family partnership, and build support for teaching puberty education in schools.

Parents and caregivers!

Do you want help knowing how to talk to your children about puberty and family values related to sexuality? Puberty: The Wonder Years is a puberty program for schools and parents that provides you the resources you’ve been seeking to help you have ongoing discussions with your kids. After all, you are protecting children from abuse and equipping them for a safe, healthy, happy life. What could possibly be more important than that?


Do you wish you could learn about the changes you are going through? Do you wish trusted adults would answer your questions? Puberty: The Wonder Years is puberty education specifically for students in grades 4, 5, and/or 6. Fun and interactive lessons teach students the knowledge and skills needed to lay a foundation for developing into sexually healthy adults.

Want Details?

Learn more about Puberty: The Wonder Years™:

Select one-year, three-year, or five-year subscriptions. Select one grade, two grades, or three grades.

Student Learning Objectives
Grade 4 Student Learning ObjectivesEnglishSpanish
Grade 5 Student Learning ObjectivesEnglishSpanish
Grade 6 Student Learning ObjectivesEnglishSpanish
Add-On Lessons Student Learning ObjectivesEnglishSpanish
Subscription to Puberty: The Wonder Years includes:
  • Digital curriculum guide with lessons
  • Digital Online Teacher Resources
  • Social media toolkit
  • Parent presentation slides
  • Teacher survey
  • Implementation fidelity logs

Videos and Supplemental Materials

Your curriculum purchase includes most of the streaming videos used in the lessons. However, one video at each grade is not included with your Puberty: The Wonder Years subscription. Your school will need to select and/or purchase that video to make your puberty curriculum complete. Please read this Video Information for details and guidance.

Companion Materials for Puberty: The Wonder Years™

We offer these optional companion materials to support educators and enhance student learning:

  • Add-On lessons A to H
  • Pre- and Post-Tests for grades 4, 5, and 6
  • Online Teacher Training or Hybrid Training for educators
  • “Preparing Parents for Puberty” online parent course

Curriculum Adoption Tools

Each school district’s curriculum council or sex education advisory committee will determine which lessons should be taught at each grade. Because each community is unique, local districts may choose to adapt the curriculum to align with their goals for puberty education in their schools. They may decide to teach one, two, or all three years of the curriculum. Or they may choose to teach the curriculum at a different grade level than the one designated by the curriculum guide.

These tools and resources will support you as you adopt the curriculum:

Professional Development Options

Two options are available for training on Puberty: The Wonder Years™:

  1. Online Training Course
  2. Hybrid Training: Asynchronous, online prework + synchronous, webinar training

updated 2024-5-14

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