The Puberty Lady

The Puberty Lady   What started as a mom volunteering to help in her kids’ classes, using her nursing experience to help them understand puberty, has turned into an over 30-year career for Wendy Sellers that brings her expertise around the world — including right here in Michigan, as the co-author for the state of Michigan’s sex ed curriculum. Kids know her as “The Puberty Lady,” and the main focus these days for Sellers is addressing what she calls “the…

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Kids and Porn

Kids and Porn   What Is Porn? Porn is a slang term for pornography. Pornography is in the eye of the beholder. It is so difficult to define that when the Supreme Court tried and failed, one Justice famously said, “I know it when I see it.” In 1973, the Supreme Court established a three-pronged test for identifying obscenity. It is based on the assessment of an “average person, applying contemporary adult community standards.” The problem is that pornography has changed…

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We Did All This! 2019 Recap

We Did All This! 2019 Recap   2019…What a year it has been! I’m so thankful for all of you and the experiences I’ve had this year because of your support and involvement. As a 2019 recap, let’s take a peek at all the things you and your fellow sex education advocates accomplished. Travel to India: A lot of interest was sparked when I traveled to India in February. You wanted to know how young people in India are taught sex…

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Kids on Computers

Kids on Computers: Home for the Holiday Break Many of us are really looking forward to the holidays. They mean presents, good food, festive gatherings, and fun times with family and friends. Kids are especially excited since it means a break from the school schedule. For adults, however, the holidays are a mixed blessing. They can mean extra stress, travel, food preparation, and financial strain. Here’s one more thing for adults to consider: Kids on computers during their holiday break.…

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Seeking Reviewers

Seeking Reviewers We are seeking reviewers who are willing to provide feedback to improve Puberty: The Wonder Years. If you are interested, please read on for instructions. And thank you for your help! Dear Reviewer, Thank you so much for contributing your time, talents, and experiences to making Puberty: The Wonder Years more effective for use with more students. Any and all feedback you provide will be used to improve the curriculum so that more educators will be able to…

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Talk Turkey

Talk Turkey Thanksgiving is coming, and with it comes awkward dinner conversations! Why not seize the moment and really go for it? Let’s play Talk Turkey Bingo. This fun and simple game is designed to help parents and/or other trusted adults start conversations about puberty, relationships, and growing up. Before playing, you might want to read about being an “askable adult.”   Sign up to receive a FREE sample lesson to see what Puberty: The Wonder Years is all about.

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Are You an “Askable Adult”?

Are You an “Askable Adult”?   The term “askable parent” was first coined by Sol Gordon, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist and sex educator who advised adults to be askable parents. He believed a child’s questions about sex should be answered whenever they are asked. Furthermore, he suggested that parents take the responsibility of beginning discussions, either with a book or with simple conversations about a friend or relative who is having a baby, if a child hasn’t asked about sex…

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Inclusivity Tips: Boys

Inclusivity Tips: Boys   Half of the students in your classroom identify as boys, right? And yet, most sex education is taught by educators who identify as female. And most sex education curriculum is developed by people who identify as female. This often results in sex education that is not as relevant and relatable for boys. This post will share inclusivity tips for boys. Tip 1: Get familiar with the terms. Boys face unique pressures to conform to harmful gender…

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Let’s Talk About Sex

Let’s Talk About Sex Yes, October is Let’s Talk Month. But it’s always the right time to talk with your kids about growing up, puberty, body autonomy, consent, and sex. So, let’s talk about sex! Parents, caregivers, educators, and other trusted adults want to do a nice job of equipping children for a positive puberty experience and for safe and healthy relationships. To help you, I’ve collected some great resources for Let’s Talk Month. Let’s Talk Month Resources: Reading books…

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Puberty Books

Puberty Books   Parental influence is one, and possibly the single greatest, of the major factors in determining the sexual behavior of young people. Yet, many parents tell me that they aren’t sure how to begin talking with their child about puberty and sex. If you feel this way, you are not alone. Let’s talk about puberty books. Most of us did not have good models for sex education at home. Our own parents probably didn’t talk with us about…

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Many Thanks!

Many Thanks! Many thanks to the American School Health Association Board of Directors and Awards Committee! I was named a Fellow at ASHA’s Annual School Health Conference on Oct 3, 2019, in Cincinnati, OH. Imagine my excitement when I received a letter that began with this: I am delighted to inform you that the Awards Committee and Board of Directors of the American School Health Association (ASHA) have declared you a 2019 Fellow of the Association. This honor recognizes your…

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National Period Day

National Period Day Is October 19   Why in the world do we celebrate National Period Day? After all, talking about periods is impolite, right? Actually, no. The lack of conversations about periods is having many negative impacts on people who menstruate in the United States and around the globe. Did you know? In the U.S… 35 states still have a sales tax on period products considering them non-essential items. 1 in 4 women struggle to afford period products due…

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“My students had lots of questions! They thanked me for being willing to teach them about what is happening to them.”



Mike B., Lansing School District

“Puberty: The Wonder Years doesn’t just stick to puberty. The curriculum also includes lessons on topics that I think are necessary, such as bullying and social-emotional components. There’s also a lot of scripting for really good conversation and prompts for the teachers.”

Tim Kordic, Project Advisor for Sexual Health & HIV Prevention, Los Angeles Unified School District

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