Inclusivity Tips: LGB+

Inclusivity Tips: LGB+ Would you like to make sure all your students feel included in your class? When you teach about puberty, are you unsure how to include your lesbian, gay, bisexual, plus (LGB+) students? Let’s talk about a couple of ways to be more inclusive. This post will share inclusivity tips for LGB+ students. Tip 1: Ensure representation. Throughout history, LGB+ people have made important contributions in science, math, and the arts. Yet, their biographies have often erased important…

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School Dress Codes: Conference Highlights

School Dress Codes: Conference Highlights What do school dress codes have to do with helping young people learn about puberty? Well, a lot! In fact, the topic of dress codes is so relevant that two conferences asked me to present my session titled “School Dress Codes: The Politics of Shame, Stereotypes, and Sexualization.” At the National Sexual Health Conference and the Moving Toward Solutions conference, participants who attended my session were very interested in discussing how dress codes can discriminate against students…

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Back to School Tips & Topics

Back to School Tips & Topics  Where did summer go? Hopefully, you made lots of great summer memories, and now it’s time for kiddos to go back to school. During this time of transition, you might find these tips and topics of interest! Start the school year right: The new school year is a clean slate, a fresh start. In fact, the first 30 days of school can set the tone for the whole year. Be sure to help students…

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Inclusivity Tips: Gender

Inclusivity Tips: Gender Would you like to make sure all your students feel included in your class? When you teach about puberty, are you unsure how to include your LGBTQ+ students? Let’s talk about a couple of ways to be more inclusive. This post will share inclusivity tips for gender. Tip 1: Use gender-neutral pronouns. The English language has gendered pronouns, so every time we talk about a person, we are forced to use a word that assigns them a…

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Teach Puberty: Online PD

Prepare to Teach Puberty: Online PD Great! You volunteered to teach puberty to your students. Or were you volun-told? Either way, you will be teaching a topic that you probably didn’t study in college. I applaud your “can-do” spirit! I also applaud your commitment to ensuring that young people gain the facts and develop the skills they need to navigate a confusing time in life: puberty. Young people deserve to learn about puberty from trusted adults. Would you like to…

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Tools for Sex Educators

Summer is a great time to explore…Tools for Sex Educators Sure, you’re “off for the summer.” But anyone who knows a teacher sees right through that expression. We all know you are busy refreshing, renewing, and readying for the new school year. Summer is a great time to look at some new tools for sex educators! Here are a few resources to add to your repertoire of tools: Sexual Health Education Guide: Many schools and teachers face the challenge of…

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Sex Education in Schools

Sex Education in Schools: Conference Highlights People who love kids want to do the right thing. But they don’t always know how. This is never truer than when we talk about teaching kids about puberty, relationships, and sexuality. “If You Don’t, Who Will?” is a workshop about helping participants take action to get effective school-based sex education in place. Pat Bednarz and I first presented this workshop titled “If You Don’t, Who Will?” at the 2016 National Association of School Nurses…

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Musings on a Father’s Day

Musings on a Father’s Day As Father’s Day approaches, I feel deep gratitude for my own dad. He was a wonderful man and a great dad to me. His consistent presence in my life and the lessons he taught me by both example and words had a profound impact on my development. These warm memories also remind me that many people don’t (or didn’t) have a father who is available to them or one who fits the stereotype of what…

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Sexual Health Education Guide

Sexual Health Education Guide for Schools   Development of the Guide Many school districts face the challenge of keeping a record of their approved sex education programming. With changes in administration and staff, educators may not know what lessons to teach and what supplementary resources to use at each grade level. Without consistent implementation, students might not receive the same instruction from class to class. Also, controversy can arise when individual teachers don’t know what to teach and have to…

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Vignettes from India

Vignettes from India India continues to haunt me and motivate my work. I’d like to share a few experiences that intersect with my mission of ensuring that all young people have a positive puberty experience. As I share the following vignettes from India, you will see what a small world this is and how much work is yet to be done. Vignette 1: March vs Silence While we were visiting New Delhi, the capital of Indian, we passed a women’s…

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Professional Learning Standards

Professional Learning Standards for Sex Education Think about the person who taught your sex education classes. What comes to mind? Do you recall someone who was ill-equipped and uncomfortable? Or do you recall a person who was passionate about the subject and well-prepared to teach a sensitive topic to young people? Professional learning standards for sex education help ensure that all sex educators are adequately prepared to deliver instruction effectively. Professional preparation for teaching sex education can make all the…

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Why Talk About Masturbation

Why Talk About Masturbation Recently, I was engaged in this online chat…                           This exchange illustrates the kind of anxiety many young people have regarding masturbation. It also shows how desperate they are to find someone they can talk to about their questions. This young man reached across the globe to a stranger, rather than try to talk face-to-face with someone he knows. My responses to him focused…

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“Puberty: The Wonder Years doesn’t just stick to puberty. The curriculum also includes lessons on topics that I think are necessary, such as bullying and social-emotional components. There’s also a lot of scripting for really good conversation and prompts for the teachers.”

Tim Kordic, Project Advisor for Sexual Health & HIV Prevention, Los Angeles Unified School District

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