Introduction to Puberty Education

This introduction to puberty education is for administrators, teachers, and others who teach puberty education.

Educators who teach puberty education are always looking for ways to improve the way they teach and engage students and their families in learning about puberty. Experienced teachers are very comfortable teaching puberty education; yet they are on the lookout for ways to keep the topic fresh and relevant to their students. Teachers who have recently been assigned to teach puberty education are looking for ways to become more comfortable and competent to teach the topic. This introduction to puberty education is for administrators, teachers, and others who teach puberty education.

Whether a veteran or a rookie, this series of blog posts will provide tips and insights to help hone the skills needed to implement a puberty education program that is effective in preparing students and their families for a positive puberty experience. These nine posts provide information, tips, and resources to address topics that that have been requested by puberty educators. Check back often to see the complete series.

Topic 1: Preparing the Class for Puberty Education

  • Classroom Climate: A primary goal of every classroom teacher is to establish a classroom climate that allows every student to learn and thrive. View HERE.
  • Classroom Management: One of the challenges teachers cite most often is classroom management. View HERE.
  • Trusted Adults: Having a trusted adult is a protective factor for children; it delays sexual activity and other risky behaviors. View HERE.

Topic 2: Answering Student Questions

  • Strategies for Answering Student Questions: Teachers answer a million questions every day (not much exaggeration in this statement). Yet, when it comes to answering questions during puberty classes, they often express nervousness. View HERE.
  • Question Box: Learn about this strategy for collecting anonymous student questions about puberty education. Coming soon.
  • Difficult Questions: This post shares some ideas and experiences that can help educators manage difficult questions and the feelings they might provoke. Coming soon.

Topic 3: Building Support Through Family Engagement

  • Family Engagement in Puberty Education: Coming in August
  • Strategies to Provide Parent Materials: Coming in August
  • Strategies to Increase Communication: Coming in August
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