Puberty: The Wonder Years Digital Curriculum Subscriptions

Puberty the Wonder Years Digital Curriculum for Teachers grades 4-5-6

Puberty: The Wonder Years digital curriculum subscriptions include access to teacher resources, student and family materials, and the digital teacher guide with lessons for grade 4, 5, and/or 6. Complete details on the curriculum are available here.

Subscription Lengths:

Select the Puberty: The Wonder Years digital curriculum subscriptions for a time period that meets your need.

  • 1 year for $159 (Regularly $199 per year)
  • 3 years for $387 ($129 per year)
  • 5 years for $495 ($99 per year)
Benefits of selecting a longer Puberty: The Wonder Years curriculum subscription:
  1. You enjoy lower annual costs
  2. Teachers avoid a disruption in their access to the curriculum each year.
  3. Less work is required for the people ordering and administering the curriculum subscriptions.
Your curriculum purchase includes:
  • 1 Teacher subscription, including lesson plans, Online Teacher Resources, Social Media Toolkit, and more
  • 1 Class Pack with 30 student licenses (no student logins required)

Note: For those who prefer a printed copy of the curriculum guide, you may purchase one hard copy per 3-year or 5-year curriculum subscription. It will not be updated as regularly as the digital curriculum will. Hard copies are not available as an add-on with a 1-year subscription.

Details for ordering
  • Purchase the number of teacher curriculum subscriptions and class packs that you will need for all of of your teachers and students.
  • Need additional student licenses? Purchase them in Class Packs of 30 student licenses.
  • Purchase Add-On Lessons to teach additional topics that meet your program needs.
  • Order Pre- and Post-Tests if you want to evaluate student learning.
  • Select a video, the only resource not included with your curriculum subscription: Video Information.
  • How to Order

Not quite ready to purchase? Request a 60-day digital preview of the curriculum

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