What is new in the 2021 edition of Puberty: The Wonder Years?

 Puberty: The Wonder Years is now a digital curriculum subscription. Here’s why:

  • Lessons can be taught virtually or in-person.
  • Curriculum can be updated readily and regularly.
  • Digital curriculum gives students the opportunity to utilize technology.
  • Teachers asked for it!

Educator Supports

  • Teacher feedback and current topics informed the revisions.
  • Teacher supports are integrated: digital curriculum, expanded slides, digital student worksheets, updated teacher background information.
  • Hard copy curriculum is an option as an addition to the digital curriculum subscription.
  • Digital curriculum preview is available for curriculum committees.

Cutting Edge Content and Strategies

  • Student learning objectives are aligned to the 2020 National Sex Education Standards, 2nd edition.
  • Consent is taught across all grades.
  • Trauma-informed strategies are utilized.
  • Inclusive language and examples are embedded.
  • Free, streamed videos are used when available.

Family Engagement

  • All student and family resources are in English and Spanish.
  • Subscriptions include a social media kit and school newsletter articles to facilitate communication between schools and homes.
  • Parent presentation slides are included in subscriptions.

Learn more:

Overview of Grade Level Changes

Grade 4: 6 lessons, 45 minutes each

  • New lesson on gender (4-3)
  • The previous lesson on new life and reproduction is now an Add-On Lesson.

Grade 5: 7 lessons, 50 minutes each

  • New lesson on consent (5-7)
  • The previous media lesson is moved to grade 6 to align with NSES

Grade 6: 10 lessons, 50 minutes each

  • Now has 10 lessons instead of seven
  • New focus on cognitive changes as well as physical, social, and emotional changes of puberty. (6-3)
  • New lesson on STIs and HIV (6-7)
  • New lesson on interpersonal violence, power, and control (6-8)
  • New media literacy lesson includes how to evaluate sources of information for accuracy (6-9)
  • New lesson on creating a vision for a healthy future (6-10)
  • The previous fetal development lesson is now an Add-On Lesson.

Add-On Lessons: 7 lessons, 50 minutes each (can be used at any grade)

  • Lesson A: Building Blocks of Life
  • Lesson B: Dominant or Recessive, Fraternal or Identical?
  • Lesson C: Fetal Development (formerly Lesson 6-2)
  • Lesson D: New Life (formerly Lesson 4-3)
  • Lesson E: Understanding Ourselves and Others
  • Lesson F: Sexual Abuse Prevention
  • Lesson G: Preventing Pregnancy and STIs

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