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Parental influence is one, and possibly the single greatest, of the major factors in determining the sexual behavior of young people. Yet, many parents tell me that they aren’t sure how to begin talking with their child about puberty and sex. If you feel this way, you are not alone. Parent resources can help build confidence.

Most of us did not have good models for sex education at home. Our own parents probably didn’t talk with us about growing up, body changes, relationships, and sex… or they might have handed us an outdated book or given us a lecture about avoiding pregnancy. Either way, their attempt might have been sincere, but an epic fail.

Now that we are the parents, we find ourselves without a good road map. The good news is that today’s parents want to do better. Plus, many more parent resources are available now. Even if your child is getting great sex education at school, parents and guardians are the only ones who can teach children about their family and religious values. So, wield your influence, and let’s get started!

To help you be the hero of your child’s puberty story, Puberty: The Wonder Years has assembled many tools for your use. These blog articles provide you with information and parent resources that will help you have ongoing chats with your child about growing up.

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