Ready for 4th-Grade Puberty Education? YES!


As a parent, you want to prepare your children…

…for whatever life may toss their way. You do this because you know that ignorance doesn’t help anyone. In fact, arming your children with knowledge and skills ahead of time is a great way to protect them from being taken advantage of, or from being in a situation where they don’t know what to do.

On the other hand, you want to protect your children. You want to keep them sheltered as long as possible. It’s a big, wild world out there, and sometimes you fear for your children’s safety and innocence.

Being torn between these two extremes can result in questions about when your children are ready for all the things they need to learn about, including 4th-grade puberty education.

Here are some things to think about 4th-grade puberty education…

…as you decide how and when to begin the ongoing series of talks with your children about the changes that happen as they grow from childhood toward adulthood:

You are not alone.

Your children’s school can support you in teaching your children about puberty. Does your school teach Puberty: The Wonder Years? Do the lessons include 4th-grade puberty education? If so, your children will learn about puberty from two trusted adults: you and their teachers. This curriculum is taught in partnership with you. The lessons include family activities to help you have conversations with your children about puberty. During these talks, you can add your family and spiritual values. The curriculum also provides family resources to learn more about how to support your child through puberty.

Is your 4th grader ready for Puberty: The Wonder Years? Yes!


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