Back to School Tips & Topics

Back to School Tips & Topics

Where did summer go? Hopefully, you made lots of great summer memories, and now it’s time for kiddos to go back to school. During this time of transition, you might find these tips and topics of interest!

Start the school year right

  • The new school year is a clean slate, a fresh start. In fact, the first 30 days of school can set the tone for the whole year. Be sure to help students view the new school year with excitement. Help them establish predictable routines. Develop regular communication so you can support students and spot any problems early on. Read more.

Watch out for depression

  • Returning to school means a return to schedules, homework, and peer interaction. Changing bodies can add the roller-coaster feelings students experience during puberty. Can you tell when the lows are actually signs of depression? According to Mayo Clinic, teen depression is a “serious mental health problem that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest in activities.” Learn the signs of teen depression and when to get medical help.

Understand the dress code

  • Help students dress for learning as if it’s their job. Keep in mind that clothing that is comfortable and easy to wear will help students focus on learning. Also, review the dress code. Like it or not, the school might have rules about clothing. Getting “dress-coded” often results in a loss of class time and can make it harder to succeed academically. Learn more about school dress codes in this three-part blog: description, discrimination, and solutions.

Plan screen time

  • Every autumn, schedules can get more hectic. It will probably take some time management to fit everything in. Television, movies, video games, and other screen time activities can absorb a lot of time. Students who have some rules about when and how much time they can spend on screens are more likely to find a balance between school and leisure than students who lack guidance. Read these helpful tips for setting screen time rules.  Visit Common Sense Media to tailor media viewing by age.

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