Farewell 2022…Welcome 2023…

Let’s welcome 2023 with hope! But first, celebrate the highlights from 2022.

Well, we made it through another year…a year that we greeted with optimism and pushed out the back door with exhaustion. If you were a judge in a tragedy pageant, to which year would you award the crown…2020, 2021, or 2022? Once again, “Dave Barry’s Year in Review” does a great job of reviewing the highlights and lowlights with humor. Optimists that we are, let’s welcome 2023 with hope! But first…

Farewell 2022…

As I glare at 2022 in the rearview mirror, I am surprised to see many so positive reflections. No wonder I’m tired! These are eight highlights from 2022:

  1. Earned the top score in a stringent curriculum review: Puberty: The Wonder Years received the highest scores from curriculum reviewers in Washington state when they reviewed 12 national puberty and sexual health curricula. Learn more here.
  2. Updated the 2021 edition of Puberty: The Wonder Years based on feedback from the field: That’s the beauty of a digital curriculum and it’s working! Learn more here.
  3. Added more Spanish resources: Many more teaching resources have been translated into Spanish to engage more learners.
  4. Sunsetted the Legacy Puberty: The Wonder Years curriculum: The Puberty: The Wonder Years with copyright dates of 2015-2017 is no longer available. Everyone who has ever purchased the Legacy edition was contacted several times to let them know it’s time to update. Learn more here.
  5. Launched the 2022 Online Teacher Training: The self-paced online training now matches the current edition of Puberty: The Wonder Years but can be useful for anyone teaching any puberty education. Learn more here.
  6. Launched a new Hybrid Teacher Training: This new training design includes two parts: Part 1 is asynchronous prework, and Part 2 is a synchronous webinar. Learn more here.
  7. Facilitated “Teachers Talk Puberty” webinars: These free, monthly, live webinars are part education and part conversation. I hope you will join us! Learn more here.
  8. Created the “Teacher Talk Puberty” Facebook group: This private group is for puberty educators to share ideas, topics, and events related to puberty education. Learn more here.

Welcome 2023…

Drumroll please! Now it’s time to welcome the 2023 new year. Are you having the same feelings I am? Wah-wah. We’ve been here before and don’t want to repeat the past three years. If so, I get it.

On the other hand, I continue to be inspired by you, teachers. You continue to improve the way you connect with and teach your students. You continue to model the best in education with your passion, flexibility, and innovation. In doing so, you elevate your colleagues and me. Thank you.

With your inspiration, these are plans for 2023.

Support Teachers
  • Offer flexible training options
  • Facilitate Teachers Talk Puberty webinars and online group
  • Respond to suggestions and requests
  • Add more Spanish resources
Support Parents and Caregivers
  • Provide free resources, including updated book lists
  • Update “Preparing Parents for Puberty,” the online parent course
Advance Our Mission

I’m on a mission to stamp out silence, shame, & stigma by equipping all young people to have a positive puberty experience.

Wendy L. Sellers, The Puberty Lady

As we welcome 2023, I look forward to partnering with you to make it easier and more effective to teach your students about puberty and relationships. Please contact me to share your thoughts, questions, requests, and suggestions.

On a Personal Note…

2022 included…

  • a vacation on the shore of Lake Michigan
  • the birth of my 10th grandchild

2023 will bring…

  • a trip to visit friends in Maine, experience the Bay of Fundy, and see Cape Breton and Prince Edward Island
  • another vacation on the shore of Lake Michigan
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