Farewell 2021…Welcome 2022…

Four highlights from 2021. New things for 2022.

Do you remember when we welcomed 2021 with open arms? We truly thought it couldn’t be as bad as 2020 was. Wrong! 2021 has been a blinger, for sure. Be sure to read “Dave Barry’s Year in Review” for an accurate, and humorous, accounting of what we just lived through. Let’s welcome 2022 with optimism!

Farewell 2021…

Honestly, I’m very ready to kick 2021 to the curb without saying good-bye. On the other hand, I think it’s important to look at the positives to help balance out all those negatives. Like you, I made the best of terrible pandemic conditions by staying focused. These are my four highlights from 2021:

1. Released the 2021 edition of Puberty: The Wonder Years: This all-digital curriculum was based on educators’ wish lists and the 2020 National Sex Education Standards. It addresses current topics and makes it easier for teachers to use virtually, in-person, or hybrid. Learn more HERE.

2. Retired the Legacy Puberty: The Wonder Years curriculum: The Puberty: The Wonder Years with copyright dates of 2015-2017 is now the legacy edition. Educators in 40 of the United States and Washington DC and in eight other countries have purchased it since 2015. It will no longer be sold, except to schools that are already using it and need to refresh their materials. Once current stock is exhausted, it will not be available.

3. Launched two new websites: The new international website focuses on the international community of puberty educators. The website content can be translated into multiple languages and focuses on English- and Spanish-speaking nations. The new domestic website focuses on puberty educators in the United States. It offers free resources for educators and parents, as well as housing the digital curriculum.

4. Completed the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Program: I applied to this prestigious program to learn how to be a more effective business owner. After 15 intense weeks of work and learning, I successfully completed the program, built a network of amazing business owners, and emerged with a plan to grow Puberty: The Wonder Years.

Welcome 2022…

Now, here we are, welcoming the 2022 new year that feels an awful lot like 2021 on replay. After all, we are still facing the pandemic, but with new variants. We are still making daily decisions about the best ways to keep students engaged in their learning regardless of the format: in-person, virtual, or hybrid. And we are all sick and tired of it…literally!

Educators, you are probably functioning in overdrive, navigating whatever obstacles get thrown in your path while keeping your focus on reaching your students. You are also reviewing all the lessons you’ve learned along the way…some good, some bad. Welcome 2022 by planning how you will apply those useful lessons to make the new year bright.

I, too, have been learning many lessons along the way and have heard from many educators who are teaching puberty education during challenging times. I welcome 2022 as the time to advance our mission and launch two new ways I can support your work.

Advance Our Mission

Puberty: The Wonder Years helps you have “The Talk.” We are committed to equipping young people around the world with the information, skills, and support they need to develop into sexually healthy adults. We empower educators, parents, and other trusted adults with curriculum, training, and resources so they can have ongoing conversations with children about puberty. Yes, we love to talk about puberty and sexuality… and you will, too.

Wendy L. Sellers

New Ways to Support Teachers

Offer “Teachers Talk Puberty” webinar: If you are a puberty teacher who wants to talk to other puberty teachers, please join us for 60 minutes of interaction. Part education, part conversation… this free, monthly webinar is made for you! Register for the February 10 event soon HERE. Space is limited.

Provide “Teachers Talk Puberty” Facebook group: Let’s face it… teaching 9-to-13-year-old students about puberty is hard. It’s also a blast! If you are a puberty teacher who wants to exchange ideas with other puberty teachers, this is your group. Whether you have great tips and ideas to share or problems to solve, we are in this together. Want to tell a funny story? We want to hear it. Want to ask a question? We will put our heads together to share our thoughts and information. Welcome to Teachers Talk Puberty! Join HERE.

As we welcome 2022, I look forward to hearing from you with any ideas, questions, or requests you have for making it easier and more effective to teach your students about puberty and relationships. Please contact me to share your thoughts.

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