Quotes about the 2021 Edition

Don’t just take my word for it. Listen to what others are saying.

This NEW Puberty: The Wonder Years 2021 edition includes the features educators requested. Read all about the new, online, digital curriculum on the new Puberty: The Wonder Years website, which launched on October 18, 2021. Read these quotes about the 2021 edition.

Don’t just take my word for it. Read quotes.

Quotes about Puberty: The Wonder Years 2021 Edition

Listen to what others are saying…

“I wish that all students could receive this kind of puberty education. Puberty: The Wonder Years gives students the knowledge and skills they need to navigate puberty, relationships, and internal and external pressures, to become sexually healthy and empowered young adults.”

Laurie Bechhofer, HIV Education Consultant, Michigan Department of Education

“The Teacher Tips in Puberty the Wonder Years have always been a supportive resource for teachers. The 2021 Puberty the Wonder Years revision made thoughtful updates to the Teacher Tips. Explanations of why an activity like Think, Pair, Share has been selected for this lesson, providing adult level background knowledge, and recommending extension activities like book selections provide embedded supports for teachers as they are in the process of implementing the curriculum.”

Christina Holmes, MAT, Certified Prevention Specialist, Regional School Health Coordinator

“Puberty: The Wonder Years 2021 maintains the quality puberty education of the previous versions and is spot on with expanding into needed areas of gender, inclusivity, and consent. I am so impressed!!! The inclusive language for intersex is well written. Love the use of some of the AMAZE videos. I am looking forward to previewing the optional lessons when they become available.”

Mary Ellen, Sex Education Supervisor and retired teacher

“With the integration of Online Teacher Resources and digital lessons, Puberty: The Wonder Years provides the flexibility needed for educators to implement the lessons in-person or virtually. In addition, the digital student worksheets will be greatly appreciated by educators who utilize technology.”

Angela Blood Starr, Regional School Health Coordinator

“This new format is incredibly easy to access and use and the updated curriculum is a comprehensive, research-based, developmentally-appropriate and positive approach to puberty and sex education that helps fill an extraordinary need in the field.”

Laurie Bechhofer, HIV Education Consultant, Michigan Department of Education

“This succinctly describes what Puberty: The Wonder Years curriculum is about…advocating for dignity, respect, and sexual health for self and others.”

Natalie, California

“Wendy Sellers is a life-long learner, staying abreast of latest trends and needs and continuously updating the modules so that they are timely, inclusive, trauma informed and aligned with national standards.”

Laurie Bechhofer, HIV Education Consultant, Michigan Department of Education

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Watch this short video with testimonials from people who have been using Puberty: The Wonder Years.

These quotes from educators who have reviewed and/or used the curriculum sure are inspiring. If you have questions, these FAQs might be useful.

Here are some ways to check out the Puberty: The Wonder Years 2021 Edition for yourself.

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