Implementation Fidelity Log

Use an Implementation Fidelity Log to improve the effectiveness of your Puberty: The Wonder Years curriculum implementation.

The Implementation Fidelity Log is a vital tool to improve the effectiveness of your Puberty: The Wonder Years curriculum implementation.

Reasons to Use Implementation Fidelity Logs

  • Consistency
  • Accountability
  • Record of Adaptations & Modifications
  • Interpretation of Evaluation Results
Implementation Fidelity Logs


When educators are provided Implementation Fidelity Logs, the expectations about what will be taught is made clear. Use of the logs can help document that puberty education has been taught in a consistent manner from classroom to classroom across the school system.


Providing the Implementation Fidelity Logs and asking each educator to complete one after teaching each lesson in Puberty: The Wonder Years creates a system of accountability for teaching the lessons. Administrators can review the logs to ensure that the lessons are being implemented as they were approved by the school’s leadership.

Record of Adaptations & Modifications

Educators are experts at adapting curriculum to meet the needs of their students and their culture. Modifications are often made for students with special learning needs. Use of the Implementation Fidelity Logs provides educators a way to describe any adaptations and modifications to their lessons and explain how the lesson worked with those changes. That way, lessons can be fine-tuned and improved each subsequent year.

Interpretation of Evaluation Results

To document effectiveness, curriculum evaluation is vital. The Pre- and Post-Tests are available to help with evaluation. Evaluation results, positive or negative, can be interpreted by reviewing the Implementation Fidelity Logs to see if lessons were omitted or changed in some way that made an impact on student outcomes.

Implementation Fidelity Logs – Free!

updated 2022-9-29

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