The Puberty Lady


What started as a mom volunteering to help in her kids’ classes, using her nursing experience to help them understand puberty, has turned into an over 30-year career for Wendy Sellers that brings her expertise around the world — including right here in Michigan, as the co-author for the state of Michigan’s sex ed curriculum.

Wendy Sellers. The Puberty Lady, Photo by Teri Genovese

Wendy Sellers, the Puberty Lady. Photo by Teri Genovese

Kids know her as “The Puberty Lady,” and the main focus these days for Sellers is addressing what she calls “the wonder years” of fourth, fifth and sixth grades. Her curriculum for these grades is now used in 32 states and six countries, all with an approach of “less shame, more wonder.”

Read all about it in the Grand Rapids Magazine, January 1, 2020, by Holly Bechiri.

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