Tip #5: Take a Class

Do you feel prepared to have “The Talk” with your child? Take a class to get ready.

This is the last of a 6-part series on how to teach your children about puberty at home. Read part 1 here.

Tip #5: Take a Class

Do you feel prepared to have “The Talk” with your child? Take a class to get ready and feel more comfortable.

Most parents aren’t sure what to say or not say because they’re not trained to talk about puberty. Plus, their own puberty experience was a long time ago and wasn’t always the most positive. During puberty, many adults missed out on a good puberty education, so they don’t have a model to follow with their own children.

“The Talk” is actually an ongoing series of conversations. Help is available to help parents feel comfortable and get prepared.

Take This Online Class for Parents and Other Caregivers

Puberty: The Wonder Years is a puberty education curriculum that has been taught in hundreds of schools across the United States and in eight other countries. Now, a companion course is available to help parents to teach their children at home!

This is what you will learn in Preparing Parents for Puberty:

  • Learn how to become an “Askable Adult.”
  • Feel more prepared and comfortable talking about puberty with your child.
  • Discover five vital skills your child will need to stay safe and healthy during puberty.
  • Get resources to help you and your child have fun learning about puberty.


Now, Let’s Practice!

We’re all spending a lot more time at home together. Let’s seize that opportunity to have ongoing conversations with our kids about puberty, sex, and relationships. Here are a couple of ways to practice what you learn in your online class, Preparing Parents for Puberty.

The Talk Show: Using TV to Talk with your Children about Sex

Face it. Watching television is a regular activity for many of us. Why not harness the power of the TV as a teachable moment? Use this handy guide to spark conversations with your child. You can learn what your child thinks, develop their critical thinking skills, and share your values using television as a launching pad.

Askable Parent Challenge

Amaze offers a 6-day newsletter program for parents with free resources to help navigate kids’ questions at home. Sign up to get your series and let the discussions begin.

Read part 1 of the series, “How to Teach Puberty Education at Home.”

updated 2023-1-4

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