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Distance Learning Adaptations

Distance Learning Adaptations
During this season of the coronavirus pandemic, many schools have had to put face-to-face classes on hold. Yet, students’ biological clocks are still marching on toward puberty. They still need adults to teach them what to expect during this time of rapid growth and physical, social, and emotional changes. This document will help educators adapt Puberty: The Wonder Years to be used in distance learning settings.

Companion Materials

We currently offer the following Companion Materials for Puberty: The Wonder Years™ to support educators and enhance student learning: For details, scroll down. To purchase these companion materials, click HERE. Add-On Lessons Want to extend the learning? Need to meet state…

Student Assessment Tool: Student Work

Student Work

Student Assessment Tool: Student Work Student assessment is vital to… …student success. Assessment can be defined as “gathering information about someone or something for a purpose.” Collecting student work is one tool for assessing student growth, understanding, and application of learning.…

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