Sexual Health Education Guide for Schools


History of Development

Many school districts face the challenge of keeping a record of their approved sex education programming. With changes in administration and staff, educators may not know what lessons to teach and what supplementary resources to use at each grade level. Without consistent implementation, students might not receive the same instruction from class to class. Also, controversy can arise when individual teachers don’t know what to teach and have to make it up as they go. Having a clear record would allow schools to communicate consistently with families and school staff.

With that in mind, the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) developed a template of a Sexual Health Education Guide that school districts can modify and make their own. This is a brief summary of the steps of that process:

  1. The MDE’s HIV and Sex Ed Consultant, Laurie Bechhofer, gathered sex ed guides from schools that already had created this type of document.
  2. Next, sex ed supervisors and educators from many districts were convened to create a first draft document.
  3. The first draft was honed and expanded by Laurie and myself with input from key individuals who possessed special expertise on specific topics.
  4. The next draft was reviewed by national leaders in sex education and their comments were incorporated.
  5. Finally, the Sexual Health Education Guide was released to Michigan’s network of Regional School Health Coordinators for dissemination across the state.

Sexual Health Education Guide Templates

The following links take you to the template of the Sex Education Guide. One version is for Michigan school districts; the other is for districts in other states. Both versions are intended for you to personalize to fit your own school district. Please read the file titled “SHE Guide User Notes” first to learn how to use this resource.