Puberty: The Wonder Years award-winning puberty curriculum for grades 4-6

Teaching Puberty 4th 5th 6th grade primary school

Teaching puberty can be tough!

  • Are you feeling the pain of knowing you need to talk to young people about puberty, but feeling nervous about how to do it?
  • Are you afraid of saying the wrong thing or not knowing enough?
  • Is your puberty curriculum out of date?
  • Have you been asked to teach puberty but don’t know where to begin?

Never fear! Teach puberty with confidence!

You can do it with The Puberty Lady’s help.

Puberty: The Wonder Years, designed by a registered nurse and certified sexuality educator, is an easy-to-use digital curriculum that provides teacher-friendly lesson plans, scripts, training, and resources that make it easy to teach students and build support from their parents and caregivers. With Puberty: The Wonder Years, you will feel good about using a turnkey curriculum that meets student needs and reduces your prep time.

You can be that trusted adult who equips children for a positive puberty experience!

Puberty the Wonder Years Digital Curriculum for Teachers grades 4-5-6

Quality Puberty Education You Can Trust

The same award-winning curriculum designed for students who are 9-12 years old in the USA is now available internationally via our digital delivery system.

The digital 2021 edition of Puberty: The Wonder Years provides teachers with detailed lesson plans, including discussion topics and resources that make it easy to teach students about puberty. It is a ready-to-teach curriculum that reduces prep time. Because the format is digital, teachers will access the materials online and teach in-person, virtually, or hybrid. The lessons, student resources, and family resources are available in English and Spanish. Teachers can print off worksheets and classroom materials for use with students or send them digitally. Family resources build support from parents and caregivers and increase communication in the home.

For administrators, the curriculum enables your teachers to educate consistently across the school. The family and caregiver engagement materials are designed to strengthen the school-family partnership and build support for teaching puberty education at the primary school level.

See how your students can benefit from Puberty: The Wonder Years by trying a free lesson.

What people are saying about Puberty: The Wonder Years

Let me show you how to make puberty education easy and fun. Thousands of teachers have used Puberty: The Wonder Years and love it! You will too.

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