Add-On Lesson H (3 Years)


This digital lesson includes slides and other teaching resources.


Add-On Lesson H

These lessons are only to be used as supplements to Puberty: The Wonder Years, not as stand-alone lessons. They are optional because they are not critical to the primary goals of Puberty: The Wonder Years. They extend the learning in the core lessons by teaching about the following topics.

  • Lesson A: Building Blocks of Life
  • Lesson B: Dominant or Recessive
  • Lesson C: Fetal Development
  • Lesson D: New Life
  • Lesson E: Understanding Ourselves and Others
  • Lesson F: Safe and Nurturing Touches Only
  • Lesson G: Preventing Pregnancy and STIs
  • Lesson H: HIV

Each Add-On Lesson membership will add the selected lesson to your existing Puberty: The Wonder Years digital subscription. You can order one, all, or select the ones that you need.

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