#WhyCare – Jun

#WhyCare – Jun

While I was working with a group at one of the big ten universities, a grad student shared the story of her 20-year-old roommate Jun, who was also attending the university. Jun’s mother, who lives in China, had never told Jun anything about sex. One night, Jun was drinking alcohol with her then-boyfriend, and he raped her. She was devastated and didn’t know what had happened to her. Fortunately, Jun did not get pregnant. The grad student decided that someone had to talk to Jun about how to keep herself safe, so she told her everything she knew about sex and safety. This #WhyCare – Jun story points to the need for sex education to be a protection against sexual assault.

As you think about this #WhyCare – Jun story, ask these questions:

  • How does culture play a role in sexuality education?
  • What might equip parents to take an active role in educating their children early enough to help them avoid unsafe and unhealthy situations?
  • How can young people access accurate and reliable information if their parents don’t teach them about sex?

Give parents support and tools to use to prompt discussions.

Ensure that Puberty: The Wonder Years is available for parents. The curriculum includes activities that prompt discussions between children and their family members. Are your local schools implementing the curriculum? Learn more.

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