#WhyCare – Jennifer

#WhyCare – Jennifer

Recently, a teacher named Jennifer told me this story. When Jennifer was three, she woke up early on Christmas morning. Very excited to begin her day, she burst into her parents’ bedroom to find her mother on top of her father. Her parents shrieked, “Go out! And shut the door!” This #WhyCare – Jennifer story points to the need for sex education to be a protection against stigma and embarrassment.

Later that morning, the family went to church, just as they always did on Sundays. During the children’s sermon, the pastor asked the kids what surprises they found that Christmas morning. Jennifer raised her hand and told the whole church about finding Mommy on top of Daddy. They never went back to that church again, even though she asked to go many times. It wasn’t until she was much older that her mother explained why they had never, ever set foot in that church again.

As you think about this #WhyCare – Jennifer story, ask these questions:

  • If these parents had been able to talk to their child about what she walked in on, how might this have gone differently?
  • What is the role of religious organizations in embracing sexuality?
  • What is it about this incident that stuck in the child’s mind?
  • What messages about sexuality were conveyed?

Parents appreciate help and support in making the most of teachable moments. 

Ensure that Puberty: The Wonder Years is available for them. The curriculum includes activities that prompt discussions between children and their family members. Are your local schools implementing the curriculum? Learn more.

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