#WhyCare – Brian

#WhyCare – Brian

While shopping for a computer, a young man named Brian helped me select my purchase. In the course of our conversation, I told him about the work I do. He lit up! Brian told me how important it was that I continue to improve sex education for young people in schools. Then, he shared his own story. This #WhyCare – Brian story points to the need for sex education to be a protection against depression and suicide.

Brian attended a local school where he was often the target of teasing. However, what really bothered him was that his siblings and cousin were also teased about being gay. In fact, his younger cousin committed suicide because of ongoing teasing. Now Brian has become an active crusader against bullying, launching a photo project to shed light on this issue. He told me he does this in order to show his siblings that they can overcome the bullying… to tell them they are not alone and they are loved.

I later learned that Brian himself has suffered from depression and loneliness to the point where he has survived two suicide attempts.

As you think about this #WhyCare – Brian story, ask these questions:

  • Which kids are most likely to be targeted for bullying and harassment?
  • How does sexuality intersect with bullying and harassment?
  • What can we do to ensure that all kids, no matter what their gender or sexual orientation, are safe and respected?

Act now: Make sure sex education is inclusive and teaches respect.

Ensure that Puberty: The Wonder Years is available. Are your local schools implementing the curriculum? Learn more.

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