#WhyCare – Annie

#WhyCare – Annie

Annie is an intelligent, compassionate person who carefully balances her parenting role with her professional role. Now that her children are in elementary school, Annie realizes she needs to have some “talks” with her son and daughter. This point was driven home when her mother handed her the very same book on puberty that she had given to Annie as a child. Annie’s mother instructed her, “Be sure you share this book with the kids. And when you’re done, give it back to me so I can give it to your brother to show his kids next.” This #WhyCare – Annie story points to the need for sex education to be current and relevant.

While Annie appreciates her parents for teaching her about puberty, she realizes that a 30-year-old book is not going to captivate her children. Annie wants to make sure the puberty talks are fun, engaging, and free of shame. In the past, books about puberty tended to be focused on anatomy and dire warnings about disease and pregnancy. Annie is committed to taking a more sex-positive approach with her own children. Now, she needs to figure out where to find new ways to initiate conversations.

As you think about this #WhyCare – Annie story, ask these questions:

  • Some things don’t seem to change. What do you think about using the same puberty book for 30 years?
  • What messages about sexuality were conveyed in this interaction?
  • Grandparents are very concerned about the sex education of their grandchildren. How might grandparents support their grandchildren’s sex education?

Give parents and grandparents some modern tools to use.

Ensure that Puberty: The Wonder Years is available for them. The curriculum includes activities that prompt discussions between children and their family members. Are your local schools implementing the curriculum? Learn more.

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