Optional Lesson 6-B: Dominant or Recessive? Identical or Fraternal?


Optional Lesson 6-B: Dominant or Recessive? Identical or Fraternal?

Want to extend the learning? This easy-to-use, optional lesson provides everything you need to teach, including scripted lesson plans with engaging student activities; full-color, animated PowerPoint slides; student worksheets; and answer keys. Cost: $9.99

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Optional Lesson 6-B, Dominant or Recessive? Identical or Fraternal?, enhances Puberty: The Wonder Years for grade 6.

Optional Lesson 6-B: Dominant or Recessive? Identical or Fraternal? Students learn how dominant and recessive genes interact and demonstrate their understanding by using Punnett Squares to predict the eye color of the offspring of four couples. They learn about twins. The students consider the role of heredity versus environment and lifestyle and recognize that they can impact their health by making healthy lifestyle choices.


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