Do you feel prepared to have “The Talk” with your child? 

Most parents aren’t sure what to say or not say because they’re not trained to talk about puberty. Plus, their own puberty experience was a long time ago and wasn’t always the most positive. 

Puberty: The Wonder Years is a puberty education curriculum that has been taught in hundreds of schools across the United States and in eight other countries. Now, a companion course is available to help parents to teach their children at home!

Get the “Preparing Parents for Puberty” course now at the new introductory price BUT Hurry! We are only keeping this course price for 30 days.

A parent workshop like this typically costs $150, but “Preparing Parents for Puberty” is available for only $49.95!

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What People Are Saying About This COURSE

The parent puberty course helped me to think about listening more instead of talking so much. It greatly improved the conversations I was having with my daughter about puberty, and she is regularly coming to me with questions now. I’m so thankful!


Parent of a 3rd Grader

I knew I had to have these conversations sooner or later and I feel like this course has given me an easy button to press by providing me with a framework for discussions that can otherwise be awkward.


Parent of 2 girls and 1 boy

The Value of this COURSE

Professional development for puberty teachers educators

Teachers were asking for information about typical sexual behavior for children ages 5-12 versus behavior that might be a warning sign. In response, we created the “Ages & Stages” charts. Our teachers love them! Now, we’re providing these “Ages & Stages” charts free with our “Preparing Parents for Puberty” course!

$250 Value for only $49.95!

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