About the Curriculum

Puberty: The Wonder Years focuses on two main goals:

  • Promoting appreciation and respect for the amazing changes experienced by self and others.
  • Equipping young people to postpone sexual intercourse.

Puberty: The Wonder Years includes curriculum for three consecutive years for fourth-, fifth-, and sixth-grade students. The lessons are youth engaging and teacher friendly. Teachers are provided with full-color, animated slides to use with the lessons. Rubrics and other assessment tools are included.

Designed to build partnerships between schools and families, the curriculum also includes activities, in English and Spanish, that equip parents and other family members to engage with their children’s sex education. The activities encourage children to talk with their parents about their beliefs and family values.

Skills Taught

The lessons develop the health skills children need to behave in a manner that is consistent with their beliefs and values:

  • Communication
  • Limit setting
  • Refusal
  • Getting help
  • Making friends
  • Analyzing media messages
  • Distinguishing between reliable and unreliable sources of information

Puberty: The Wonder Years fills the gap created by the scarcity of sexuality education resources for upper elementary and early middle school-aged students. Guided by the characteristics of effective sex and HIV education programs[1], the lessons teach the skills needed to promote respect and postpone sexual activity. Teaching these lessons over three years provides a solid foundation for subsequent implementation of “Programs That Work” for sexuality and HIV education at higher grades.

Future plans include continually updating and improving the curriculum, expanding the curriculum to lower grades, developing a special education version, and developing an online parent education workshop. The Online Training Course is now ready!

[1]  “Emerging Answers 2007” by Dr. Douglas Kirby

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