Puberty: The Wonder Years - 5th Grade Description

"I Wonder What Is Happening to Me" is the grade 5 level of the Puberty: The Wonder Years curriculum. The curriculum begins by reviewing prior knowledge about puberty and developing guidelines for a safe and productive classroom climate. Students learn about the male and female reproductive systems and the changes that occur during puberty. To care for their changing bodies, the students learn new personal hygiene and health habits. Students practice communicating with their family members, analyzing media influences for sexual messages, and clarifying misinformation and promoting healthy behavior among their peers. The emphasis is on promoting respect for peers as they experience puberty, impressing young people with the awe and responsibility of becoming physically capable of reproduction, and the importance of postponing sexual intercourse.

It includes the following resources: a printed teaching guide; access to Online Teacher Resources with animated PowerPoint slides, reference information, student worksheets, and family resources.

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