Ordering Information

Ordering Options:

1. Credit Card Via Online Ordering:

  • Click on "Buy Now" from the ordering menu. 
  • Select the curriculum guide(s) and/or Companion Materials you want.
  • Please choose either Taxable or Tax Exempt options for the "Add to Cart" button. If you choose Tax Exempt, you will need to send your Tax Exempt Form to orders@pubertycurriculum.com.
  • You will be redirected to the PayPal secure payments screen.
  • Enter the number of each item you want to order. Shipping and handling will be calculated for you if you put your zip code in the box provided.
  • Once your order is complete, you will select the "Checkout" button so you can use your credit card to pay. If you are using your own PayPal account to pay, select the "pay with PayPal" instead. 
  • Complete your order through PayPal's secure payment system.

2.  Purchase Order:

  • Download and print your "Puberty The Wonder Years Order Forms."
  • Select either the Taxable or Tax Exempt version of the forms. If you choose Tax Exempt, you will need to send your Tax Exempt Form to orders@pubertycurriculum.com.
  • Enter the number of each item you want to order. It will total your order for you (including handling).
  • Adjust the tax rate as appropriate and add it to your order.
  • Add the shipping charges as listed at the bottom of the order form. Please call or email to get shipping charges for 11 or more items.
  • Email your "PWY Sales Order Form" and/or PO (and Tax Exempt Form, if applicable) to orders@pubertycurriculum.com. The mailing address is Health 4 Hire, Inc., 1101 Fairfield Avenue NW, Grand Rapids, MI  49504.

Shipping Fees:

Shipping is only charged for Curriculum Guides and Student Workbooks. All products typically ship within a week, but they may take two to four weeks to arrive. If you need to rush your order, please call Wendy at 844-782-3789 (UGH-PUBERTY) to make arrangements.

To calculate your total shipping charges, count the number of Curriculum Guides and Student Workbooks ordered and find the quantity below:

1 or 2 = $20

3 or 4 = $30

5 or 6 = $40

7 to 10 = $45

Call for shipping on orders of 11 or more items.

Details and Costs:

Puberty: The Wonder Years curriculum guides are $99 each, plus shipping costs, and a handling fee of $3 per curriculum guide.

With each curriculum guide ordered, one teacher receives exclusive access to copyrighted Online Teacher Resources. Directions for accessing these resources come with each curriculum guide.

Optional Companion Materials are available to enhance your program implementation.

Videos and other supplemental materials are not included with the Puberty: The Wonder Years curriculum guides. The following two documents will assist educators in selecting the videos that are needed to implement the lessons:

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