Optional Lessons for Grade 6 Description

Want to extend the learning? These easy-to-use, optional lessons provide everything you need to teach, including scripted lesson plans with engaging student activities; full-color, animated PowerPoint slides; student worksheets; and answer keys. Read more about the Optional Lessons and how they enhance Puberty: The Wonder Years for grade 6.

  • Optional Lesson 6-A: Building Blocks of Life: Students learn how each new individual begins with a single cell that is formed when the sperm and egg unite. They explore the differences and similarities between body cells and reproductive cells. The roles of chromosomes, DNA, and genes in determining inherited traits is described and the students identify their own inherited traits.
  • Optional Lesson 6-B: Dominant or Recessive? Identical or Fraternal? Students learn how dominant and recessive genes interact and demonstrate their understanding by using Punnett Squares to predict the eye color of the offspring of four couples. They learn about twins. The students consider the role of heredity versus environment and lifestyle and recognize that they can impact their health by making healthy lifestyle choices. 
  • Optional Lesson 6-C: Skill Development: Identify Trouble and Refusal: Students learn the steps for identifying trouble, then practice them using a typical situation. Next, students learn five effective strategies to use when refusing pressure to engage in something that could lead to trouble. They practice refusing in a typical situation. This optional lesson can be implemented if students have not previously been taught the two skills applied in Grade 6, Lesson 7: identifying trouble and using refusal skills. 
  • Optional Lesson 6-D: Preventing Pregnancy and STIs: Following a brief review the definition of sexual intercourse and possible negative consequences of sex, students create equations to illustrate ways to reduce the possibility of pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. Sources of information are identified and students are assigned homework to examine websites to see if they are accurate and trustworthy. 

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