Heartbreaking stories of sexual harassment and sexual assault... 

...have been flooding social media. Some stories share details, but many more are simple declarations of a shared experience. The sheer volume is sobering and points to the horrifying truth: Sexual harassment and assault are everywhere.

Is Your 4th Grader Ready for Puberty: The Wonder Years? YES!

As a parent, you want to prepare your children...

...for whatever life may toss their way. You do this because you know that ignorance doesn’t help anyone. In fact, arming your children with knowledge and skills ahead of time is a great way to protect them from being taken advantage of, or from being in a situation where they don’t know what to do.

Puberty: Not So Wonderful?

Ask an adult what they remember about puberty, and they will probably get a funny look on their face. Next, they are likely to tell you a funny story about something embarrassing that happened to them. Worse yet, some adults might tell stories of being confused, frightened, or humiliated by their puberty experiences.

Yes, growing from a child into an adult can be awkward at times. But, let’s face it… growing into a grownup is also cool and amazing. Yes, even wonderful!

Puberty Curriculum Free

Is free really free?

Sure, we all like to get a deal. Nothing makes us happier than finding something we really want or need at a lower price than we thought we’d have to pay. Sometimes, the objects we get by bargain hunting work out great; other times, we wish we had paid a bit more to get something of more value.

Puberty Lesson Activities

No one likes to be told to teach a class without being given the tools to do a good job…especially when the topic is puberty education! That explains why so many teachers search for puberty lesson activities they can use. So, what can educators do to acquire the best tools to teach puberty education? Read on to learn what teachers need in a well-equipped toolkit for puberty education.


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